Water Safety

With the recent water crisis in both Ohio and Michigan, parents may be wondering about the safety of the drinking water for Cardington students.  The best way to check water safety is to know the source.  All water used by the Cardington-Lincoln Local Schools comes from the village of Cardington.  Each supplier of public water is governed by the Environmental Protectional Agency, EPA.

Here are the reports submitted by the village of Cardington:



Additionally, to protect the vital equipment for our Heating and Cooling, the district has decided to utilize a Reverse Osmosis system for the water at the Junior and High School Building.  Because of this treatment, the district is required to conduct additional analysis of the lead and copper.  These are the results of those test.  Conclusively, the tests reveal that the water is safe for consumption for everyone.


Water Testing for Cardington-Lincoln Junior Senior High School

December 2015 Lead and Copper Appendix

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Mr. Petrie has served Cardington-Lincoln Schools since 2002 and has served as superintendent since 2010. He is a graduate of Gahanna-Lincoln High School and studied Educational Administration at The Ohio State University.

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