Board of Education



Current Board Members

Troy Ruehrmund,  President
(term expires December 31, 2019) Years of Service: 4th 419-864-3691

Matt Meyers, Vice President
(term expires December 31, 2021) Years of Service: 2nd  419-864-3691 
Patricia Clark,
(term expires December 31, 2021) Years of Service: 13th   419-864-3691
Chuck Jones
(term expires December 31, 2019) Years of Service: 11th   419-864-3691

Marilyn Davis 
(term expires December 31, 2019) Years of Service: 7th 419-864-3691

Board Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes 2019
The Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education meets the second Monday of each month (except July) at 6pm in the Meeting Room of the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education at 121 Nichols St., Cardington, Ohio 43315
January 14th Organizational Meeting Agenda and Minutes
January 14th Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
February 11th Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
March 11th Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
April 15th (moved from April 8th) Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
May 13th Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
June 26th (moved from June 10th) Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
No Meeting Scheduled for July
August 6th (moved from 12th) Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
September 9th Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
October 14th Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
November 11th Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes
December 9th Regular Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Board Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes 2018
January 8th Organizational Meeting Agenda Minutes
January 8th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
February 12th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
March 12th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
April 9th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
May 7th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
June 25th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes (Moved from June 11th)
July 9th (Work Session for the Purpose of Evaluations) Minutes
July 16th (Work Session for the Purpose of Evaluations) Minutes
July 18th Special Meeting Minutes
August 13th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
September 10th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
October 8th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
October 25th (Work Session) Agenda  Minutes
November 12th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
December 10th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

Board Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes 2017
January 9th  Organizational and Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
January 30th  Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
February 13th  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
March 6th Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
March 13th  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
April 10th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
April 17th  Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
May 8th  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
May  17th Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
June 26th Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
July 24th Special Meeting Minutes
August 7th Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
August 14th  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
September 11th  Regular Meeting AgendaMinutes
October 9th  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
November 13th  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
December 11th  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes


2016-2017 Board Minutes

Board Agendas and Minutes 2016

January 6 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
January 11 Organizational and Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
January 21 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
February 3 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
February 15 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
March 14  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
March 16 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
April 11 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
May 9 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes 
May 24 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
June 20 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
July No Regular Meeting Scheduled
August 8 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
September 12 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
September 26 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
October 10 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
November 14 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
December 12 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

Board of Education Policies and Guidelines (temporarily offline for maintenance)

January Organizational and Regular Meeting

The Authority and Powers of the Board of Education and its Individual Members

The supervision of the public schools of the Cardington-Lincoln Local School District shall be coducted by the Board of Education, hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “Board”, which is constituted and governed by Code Title 33 of the Revised Code of the State of Ohio. – CLLS Bylaw 0121

The Board of Education shall be a body politic and corporate, and, as such, capable of suing and being sued; contracting and being contracted with; acquiring, holding, possessing, and disposing of real and personal property; taking and holding in trust for the use and benefit of the District, any grant or devise of land and any donation or bequest of money or other personal property. R.C. 3313.17

The power of this Board consists of those matters expressly granted by statute and to those matters which may be necessarily implied from such powers specifically delegated as being necessary to carry them out. -CLLS Bylaw 0122

Board members as individuals do not separately possess the powers that reside in the Board of Education, except when and as expressly authorized by law or this Board but no Board member shall be denied facts or materials required for the proper performance of his/her duties to which s/he is legally entitled. -CLLS Bylaw 0122.1

Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct

The Board of Education believes quality public education and good Board service should be conducted in an ethical manner with traditional principles such as honesty, trust, fairness, and integrity. Each Board member should conform his/her conduct to Ohio law, the code of ethics recommended by the Ohio School Boards Association and the code of conduct set forth below as adopted from the National School Boards Association publication Becoming a Better Board Member.

While serving as a member of the Board of Education, each member is expected to agree to abide by the following code of ethics promulgated by the Ohio School Boards Association:

remember that my first and greatest concern must be the educational welfare of all students attending the public schools;
obey the laws of Ohio and the United States;
respect the confidentiality of privileged information;
recognize that as an individual Board member I have no authority to speak or act for the Board;
work with other members to establish effective Board policies;
delegate authority for the administration of the schools to the Superintendent and staff;
encourage ongoing communications among Board members, the Board, students, staff, and the community;
render all decisions based on the available facts and my independent judgment rather than succumbing to the influence of individuals or special interest groups;
make every effort to attend all Board meetings;
become informed concerning the issues to be considered at each meeting;
improve my boardmanship by studying educational issues and by participating in in-service programs;
support the employment of staff members based on qualifications and not as a result of influence;
cooperate with other Board members and administrators to establish a system of regular and impartial evaluations of all staff;
avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof;
refrain from using my Board position for benefit of myself, family members, or business associates;
express my personal opinions but, once the Board has acted, accept the will of the majority.

In addition, the Board of Education believes that each member should agree to work cooperatively and effectively with others and conform his/her behavior to the following code of conduct by collectively and individually agreeing to:
abide by the code of ethics promulgated by the Ohio School Boards Association
act as an advocate for the Schools and for children;
set high expectations for the work of the Board;
keep the Board’s primary focus on the best interests of students;
strive sincerely to build better relationships with one another and the Superintendent;
set clear goals for the Superintendent;
support the Superintendent and help him/her to be as effective as possible;
prepare carefully before each meeting so that when each Board member has the floor, s/he can make comments that are concise, organized, and clear;
vote his/her individual convictions based on the available facts and his/her independent judgment and refrain from surrendering his/her judgment to particular individuals or groups;
devote sufficient time, thought, and study to proposed actions;
become well versed in parliamentary procedure;
listen carefully and with courtesy when other people have the floor and are speaking during Board meetings;
refuse to become involved with micromanagement
emphasize planning, policymaking, and public relations rather than becoming involved in management of the schools;
establish clear goals for the District and ensure that the community is aware of these goals;
keep abreast of current educational issues within the District, throughout the State, and across the nation;
establish fair and equitable terms and conditions of employment and evaluation of all staff; and
select sound instructional strategies and materials and submit them to regular and impartial evaluations. CLLS bylaw -0123