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Cardington-Lincoln Fall Sports Awards Program

On Sunday, November 20, 2022, athletes that participated in Fall Sports were recognized at the Cardington-Lincoln High School Fall Sports Awards program. The program began at 6:30 pm and was emceed by Ron Williams, Cardington-Lincoln Athletic Director.
The following Football awards were presented by Coach Ryan Goetzman:
Pirate Award- Logan Morrow
Offensive MVP- Kaiden Beach
Defensive MVP- Colin McAvoy
Athletic Director Williams presented the following CL Awards for Football:
Eli Huffman - Certificate, Bar
Kaiden Beach - Certificate, Bar
Colin McAvoy - Certificate, Bar
Ashton Plowman - Certificate, Bar
Ayden Plowman - Certificate, Bar
Dillon Minturn - Certificate, Bar
Logan Fridley - Certificate, Bar
Zane Everly - Certificate, Bar
Merek McClure - Certificate, Bar
Kayden Gwilym - Certificate, Bar
Greg Donaldson - Certificate, Bar
Caleb Davis - Certificate, Bar
Owen Carpenter - Certificate, Bar
Jason Bockbrader - Certificate, Bar
Vinny Seavolt - Certificate, Bar
Austin Vails - Certificate, Bar
Cameron Tribunella - Certificate, Bar
Journey Williamson - Certificate, Bar
Kalin Briggs - Certificate, Bar
Cody Redmon - Certificate, Pin
Warren Garrison - Certificate, Bar
Denton Garrison - Certificate, Bar
Bryce Hartley - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin, Numerals
Chris Kinsey - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin, Numerals
Wyatt Denney - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin, Numerals
Evan Stover - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin, Numerals
Evan Marquis - Certificate, Numerals
Devin Cimino - Certificate, Numerals
Ricky Morgan - Certificate, Numerals
Holden Martin - Certificate, Numerals
Jameson Leisure - Certificate
Logan Morrow - Certificate, Numerals
Seth Haser - Certificate, Numerals
Lane Hughes - Certificate
Coach Ryan Treese presented the following Volleyball awards:
Offensive MVP- Audrey Brininger
Defensive MVP- Cadie Long
Pirate Award- Payton Goodman and Lily Clark
Most Improved- Madison Caulkins and Alexis Crone
Division III, District III, Region 12 - Volleyball Champions - Cardington-Lincoln
All Ohio Division III Volleyball First Team - Audrey Brininger
District III Representative to State All Star Volleyball Match - Audrey Brininger
Athletic Director Wiliams presented the following CL Awards for Volleyball:
Audrey Brininger - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Madison Linkous - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Izzy Wickline - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Cadie Long - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Jadine Mills - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Payton Goodman - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Alexis Crone - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Lily Clark - Certificate, Bar
Autumn Holt - Certificate, Bar
Abby Ufferman - Certificate, Bar
Kelli Landon - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin
Taitym Byrne - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin
Olivia Donkin - Certificate
Rhylan Furr - Certificate
Kearston Dudgeon - Certificate
Madison Caulkins - Certificate, Pin
Ari Simpson - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin
Rylee Donkin - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin
Taylor Prince - Certificate
Josie Miller - Certificate
Jade Blevins - Certificate, Numerals
Chloe Nida - Certificate
Ashlynn Troyer - Certificate, Numerals
Emma Davis - Certificate, Numerals
Marlee Watson - Certificate, Numerals
Sophia Moloney - Certificate, Numerals
Toni Withem - Certificate, Numerals
Kadence Ralston - Certificate, Numerals
Cross Country awards were presented by Coach Erik Kyrk to the following athletes:
Most Valuable (Girl)- Loey Hallabrin
Most Valuable (Boy) - Aiden Reitmire
Pirates Award (Girl)- Meghan Greenawalt
Pirate Award (Boy) - Brandon Elliott-Hughes
Most Improved (Girl) - Magi Hallabrin
Most Improved (Boy) - Brayden Lackey
2nd Fastest Girls Individual Time in School History- Loey Hallabrin - 18:53
5th Fastest Girls Individual Time in School History - Magi Hallabrin- 19:50
Jr High All State - Bailey Crone
Athletic Director Williams presented the following CL Awards for Cross Country:
Ryan Clinger - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
AJ Brehm - Certificate, Bar
Isaac Dela Cruz - Certificate, Bar
Aaron Howard - Certificate, Bar
Aidan Reitmire - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Brandon Elliott-Hughes - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin, Numerals
Brayden Lackey - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin
Brayden Rammelsberg - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin, Numerals
Loey Hallabrin - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Morgan White - Certificate, Bar, Captain Pin
Gracie Meade - Certificate, Bar
Magi Hallabrin - Certificate, Bar
Meghan Greenawalt - Certificate, Pin
The following Golf awards were presented by Coach Justin Billotte:
Most Valuable - Logan Reynolds
Pirate Award - Bradley West
Most Improved - Miranda Kintz
Athletic Director Williams presented the following CL Awards for Golf:
Silas Horton - Certificate, Bar
Bradley West - Certificate, Bar
Logan Reynolds - Certificate, Bar
Lane Elliott-Hughes - Certificate, Pin
Carter Ramoneda - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin, Numerals
Jillian West-Johnson - Certificate
Coach Tonya Bonnette presented the following Cheerleader awards:
Outstanding Leadership - Kennedy Maceyko
Outstanding Showmanship - Ella Struck
Most Improved - Adysen Briggs
Pirate Award - Addison Plowman
Total Commitment Award - Jade Delawder
Athletic Director Williams presented the following CL Awards for Cheerleading:
Miranda Kintz - Certificate, Numerals
Talynn Bowling - Certificate, Bar
Jade Delawder - Certificate, Bar
Kyla Edwards - Certificate, Bar
Kennedy Maceyko - Certificate, Bar
Addison Plowman - Certificate, Bar
Michaela Rowland - Certificate, Bar
Ella Struck - Certificate, Bar
Taylor Thompson - Certificate, Bar
Jillian West-Johnston - Certificate, Bar
Kayla Hughes - Certificate, Bar
Kyra Morris-Montgomery - Certificate, Varsity letter, Pin
Ryan Spires - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin
Christina Valentine - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin
Sophia Goers - Certificate, Varsity Letter, Pin
Jaelyn Ireland - Certificate, Bar
Kelly Moreland - Certificate, Bar
Mattie Ongalibang - Certificate, Bar
Sydney Hobbs - Certificate
Madilee Parsons - Certificate
Lizzie Thompson -Certificate
Adysen Briggs - Certificate, Numerals
Trista Cramblitt - Certificate
Megan Gardner - Certificate, Numerals
Isabelle Hess - Certificate, Numerals
Miranda Kintz - Certificate
Sophia Moloney - Certificate
Josephine Shonk - Certificate, Numerals
Haylee Stainer - Certificate, Numerals
The following point awards were announced:
12 Point Award
Jason Bockbrader
Talynn Bowling
AJ Brehm
Lily Clark
Logan Fridley
Meghan Greenawalt
Magi Hallabrin
Kayla Hughes
Aidan Reitmire
Logan Reynolds
Austin Vails
Jillian West-Johnson
Journey Williamson
25 Point Award
Kaiden Beach
Ryan Clinger
Eli Huffman
Kennedy Maceyko
Gracie Meade
Jadine Mills
Dillon Minturn
Ella Struck
Morgan White
38 Point Award
Audrey Brininger
Alexis Crone
Payton Goodman
Silas Horton
Cadie Long
50 Point Award
Loey Hallabrin
All KMAC Awards winners were also recognized during the program.
1st Team - Colin McAvoy
2nd Team - Kaiden Beach
2nd Team - Ashton Plowman
2nd Team - Ayden Plowman
Honorable Mention - Wyatt Denney
All Academic - Zane Everly
League Champion - Cardington-Lincoln
Coach of the Year - Ryan Treese
Player of the Year - Audrey Brininger
1st Team - Cadie Long
1st Team - Jadine Mills
2nd Team - Madison Linkous
2nd Team - Izzy Wickline
Honorable Mention - Peyton Goodman
All Academic - Alexis Crone
Sectional and District Champions
Cross Country:
1st Team Boys - Aidan Reitmire
All Academic Boys - Ryan Clinger
Regional Qualifier Boys - Aidan Reitmire
1st Team Girls - Loey Hallabrin
1st Team Girls - Magi Hallabrin
2nd Team Girls - Morgan White
All Academic Girls- Loey Hallabrin
Regional and State Qualifier Girls - Loey Hallabrin
Regional and State Qualifier Girls - Magi Hallabrin
Jr High 1st Team Girls - Bailey Crone
Jr High 1st Team Girls - Sydney Meade
Jr High 2nd Team Girls - Chessa Redman
Jr High 2nd Team Girls - Ava Krouse
Jr High 2nd Team Girls - Dezzeray Mooney
Honorable Mention - Bradley West
Honorable Mention - Silas Horton
Central District Award Winners:
Player of the Year Volleyball - Audrey Brininger
1st Team Volleyball - Audrey Brininger
1st Team Football - Colin McAvoy
1st Team Cross Country (Girls) - Loey Hallabrin
1st Team Cross Country (Girls) - Magi Hallabrin
1st Team Cross Country (Boys) - Aiden Reitmire
Special Honorable Mention Football - Kaiden Beach
Special Honorable Mention Football - Wyatt Denney
Special Honorable Mention Football - Dillon Minturn
Special Honorable Mention Football - Ashton Plowman
All Ohio Division III Volleyball - Audrey Brininger
Division III Coaches Achievement Award - Ryan Treese
Congratulations to all the athletes and coaches!!!!!