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Update: Environmental Science Class AWARDED Boating Grant

Updated! ODNR has just awarded us the grant outlined below!

Cardington-Lincoln High School's Environmental Science Class has applied for an ODNR Grant to promote boating education and safety. 

Tammy Wells and Todd Jolliff are the lead facilitators of the grant.  According to its grant application, the program will give students some insight into possible careers and jobs in conservation or the outdoors in general, as well a broader range of experiences to enlighten their lives.

Here are more specifics on the grant;

The Cardington High School Environmental class was started this school year to encourage students that are not planning on attending a four year college to possibly consider an associates degree or technical route.  We want to give them some insight into possible careers and jobs in conservation or the outdoors in general as well a broader range of experiences to enlighten their lives.  The class is designed to peak their interests and engage them in conservation work and outdoor recreational activities including hunting with hunter education, fishing, archery, kayaking and how to combine them, etc.  The class is mainly taught by one teacher, myself, and approximately a third of the time an aide that teachers our schools credit recovery class assists.  He is also certified to teach Archery.  The class is set up as a third year class this year. However, I feel the class will grow as other students see and hear about what we are doing and want to gain experiences for themselves that otherwise would not be available to them.  This grant would provide a free kayaking experience that many students at Cardington have not received and could not afford to do on their own.  I would like to include fishing with kayaks, maybe expand to a camp out with them, bank clean ups as well as the experience of enjoying the outdoors with classmates.  Other than my class, we have many clubs and groups that do leadership retreats and bonding trips that could use the kayak trailer.  This would include groups like FFA, science club, our after school twenty first century program, scouts and more.  We also have several other small schools in similar socioeconomic status around us that could take advantage of the trailer if they meet the requirements of this grant.

The kayaks would be used to develop the skill of kayaking safely and general water safety as well as to get students outside in a new experience.  We can also use them for bird watching and identification and with fishing. 

The Environmental class has twenty students right now, but students are already inquiring about the class for next year.

The grant award announcement is expected by the end of January, 2022