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The Cardington-Lincoln Homecoming Parade will be held on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 with a start time of 6:00 PM. If you would like to participate in the parade, please arrive at the Cardington-Lincoln High School parking lot between 5:15 pm-5:45 pm to line up. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE AFFILIATED WITH THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.
All wagons, trailers, and vehicles involved in the parade should enter from County Road 168 through the service road that runs beside the Tomorrow Center. This will bring you behind the high school where you will be greeted by Tracy Williamson, Kirsten Ebert, or the high school cheerleaders.
The parade will leave the Cardington-Lincoln High School parking lot at 6:00 PM and proceed down Chesterville Avenue to Nichols Street, down Marion Street, Main Street, Water Street, and back onto Chesterville Avenue.
The parade will be followed by a community bonfire at the high school concession stand at 6:50 PM. CL Athletic Director Kyle Baughn will lead the bonfire festivities. Please be aware that parking will be blocked off in some areas, so please do not park in front of those areas. The bonfire will end around 8:00 PM.
1. Throwing or shooting candy or any item from the floats or moving vehicles is prohibited.
2. Groups or sports teams who wish to pass out candy may do so by walking the parade route and handing out candy. This will need to be done by adults, not students.
3. Adult supervision is required on all trailers, wagons, or vehicles.
4. No one should climb on or jump off of any trailers, wagons, or vehicles while they are in motion.
5. No one should be standing on trailers, wagons or vehicles while they are in motion.
6. Participants should be respectful, responsible, and safe while on the float. Please be a great example of the great student body we have in our community.
Please listen to law enforcement and school officials when directed, so that your group does not lose the opportunity to participate that night or in future school events.
If you are participating, please click on the provided link for the form, make a copy and return it to the high school office or Ms. Ebert. If you have any questions, please contact Kirsten Ebert,, or by calling 419-864-2691, option 3.