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The high school held its annual awards ceremony on Friday, May 27, 2022. The following teachers presented awards for Top Student, Character, and Most Improved:
Mrs Betti
Shop 1
Top Student: Galileo Galilei and Owen Christian
Character: Andy Hale and Dalton Parsons
Most Improved: Hayden Parsons and Cory Weber
Shop 2
Top Student: Zane Osborne
Character: Cameron Bowling
Most Improved: Eli Huffman
Mrs. Blackburn
Algebra 1
Top Student: Kelly Moreland
Character: Miranda Bowman
Miss Brown
Top Student: Kambry Edwards and Karsyn Edwards
Character: Joe Denney
Most Improved: Bryce Moodispaugh
CP Chemistry
Top Student: Tyler Webb
Character: Silas Horton
Most Improved: Eli Huffman
Honors Chemistry
Top Student: Izzy Wickline
Character: Talynn Bowling and Maleigha Holtrey
Most Improved: Morgan White
Physical Science
Top Student: Morgan Powell
Character: Zoie Arthur
Most Improved: Logan Reynolds
Mr. Byerly
Honors Algebra II
Top Student: Abigail Hardwick
AP Stats
Top Student: Karsyn Edwards
CP Algebra II
Top Student: Emma Nichols
Mrs. Castillo
Spanish I
Top Student: Rylee Donkin
Character: Victoria Peters
Most Improved: Aylana Thomas
Spanish II
Top Student: Rae Miller
Character: Dalton Edwards
Most Improved: Aiden Reitmire
Spanish III
Top Student: Citalee Higgins
Character: Anna Seymour
Most Improved: Mac Linkous
Mrs. Clinger
CP English 10
Top Student: Christina Valentine
Character: Makayla Crockett
Most Improved: Jeff Jackson
Creative Writing
Top Student: Autumn Holt
AP Literature
Top Student: Citalee Higgins
Character: Beth Hardwick
Most Improved: Zach Coffman
World Literature
Character: Anastasia Owens
Honors English 11
Top Student: Ryan Clinger and Maddie Brook
Character: Emma Nichols and Dana Congrove
Communications English 12
Top Student: Peyton Counts
Character: Emalee Artz
Most Improved: Joe Collins
Honors English 10
Top Student: Megan Moller
Character: Autumn Holt and Genevieve Longsdorf
Mrs. Conley
English 9
Top Student: Chloe Nida
Character: Kallie Franks
Most Improved: Rylee Donkin
Communications English 11
Top Student: Taylor Thompson
Character: Cody Rowe
Most Improved: Zane Osborne
AP Lang
Top Student: Sydnie Wilson
English 9 Honors
Top Student: Abigail Hardwick
Miss Ebert
World History
Top Student: Mija Rae Miller and Megan Moller
Character: Madison Zyvonoski
American History
Top Student: Joe Collins and Dana Congrove
Character: Michaela Rowland and Sage Whetnall
Most Improved: Aleeseah Hammock
World War II
Top Student: Jason Bockbrader
Character: Genevieve Longsdorf
Top Student: Justin Radel
Character: Kinstin Henthorn
Mr. Goetzman
Business Foundations
Top Student: Peyton Counts
Character: Gabby Flores
Most Improved: Dylan Keifer
Top Student: Alexis Crone
Character: Silas Horton
Most Improved: Brooklyn Belt
Strategic Entrepreneurship
Top Student: Joe Collins
Character: Caden Dewitt
Most Improved: Cameron Tribunella
Fundamentals of Financial Services
Top Student: Zach Coffman
Character: Kayleigh Ufferman
Most Improved: Alayna Thomas
Mr. Groves
Art I
Top Student: Evelyn Agurrie and Grace Gardner
Art II
Top Student: Anastasia Owens
Character: Rylee Donkin, Issabella Potter, and Aaron Howard
Most Improved: Lexi Strohl, Holly Harbin, and Joe Collins
Mrs. Hughes
English 9/10
Top Student: Logan Reynolds
Character: Aiden Lee
Most Improved: Mason Powell
Mr. Kyrk
Top Student: Peyton Counts
Character: Sydnie Wilson and Abigail Keener
Most Improved: Brandon Gunnoe
Mrs. Price
AP Government
Top Student: Ryan Clinger, Citalee Higgins, and Beth Hardwick
Microbiology/History of Disease
Top Student: Dana Bertke
Top Student: Beth Hardwick
Top Student: Tyler Rose
History of Warfare
Top Student: Zach Coffman and Galileo Galilei
AP Biology
Top Student: Citalee Higgins and Beth Hardwick
Western Civ I
Top Student: Dana Congrove
Western Civ II
Top Student: Miranda Bowman
Mr. Staley
Communications English 9
Top Student: Issabella Potter
Character: Madison Zyvonoski
Most improved: Kalin Briggs
Communications English 10
Top Student: Mija Rae Miller
Character: Evelyn Aguirre
Most Improved: Hayleigh Harbin
Mr. Sulonen
Most Improved: Holly Barga
Mrs. Swartz
Top Student: Byrce Moodispaugh
Top Student: Evelyn Aquirre and Jordan Brock
Top Student: Ryan Spires
Algebra II
Top Student: Lydia Hess
Character: Talynn Bowling
Most Improved: Aidan Reitmire
Honors Geometry
Top Student: Magi Hallabrin
Mr. Tomassetti
Top Student: Hannah Neely
Character: Hayden Parsons
Most Improved: Matalen Darst
Mr. Treese
Top Student: Rodney Parsons
Character: Grant Raber
Most Improved: Dorjan Hammock
Top Student: Mija Rae Miller
Character: Lydia Hess
Most Improved: James Collins
Mrs. Wells
Top Student: Mija Rae Miller
Character: Lydia Hess
Most Improved: Lexie Strohl
Honors Biology
Top Student: Sarah Perry
Character: Madison Brook
Most Improved: Lily Clark
Environmental Science
Top Student: Cody Rowe
Character: Evan Patterson
Honors Physical Science
Top Student: AJ Brehm
Character: Aaron Howard
Miss Wollett
Agribusiness and Leadership
Top Student: Alexis Crone, Hazel Jolliff, and Dana Bertke
Character: Ayden Plowman and Ashton Plowman
Most Improved: Dillon Minturn
Plant and Animal Science
Top Student: Autumn Holt, Kelli Landon, and Kayla Hughes
Character: Chloe Sherbourne and Zane Everly
Most Improved: AJ Hall
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Top Student: Sophia Goers and Morgan Powell
Character: Aiden Lee and Rylee Donkin
Most Improved: Zay Nippert and Miranda Bowman
Students that received all A's this school year:
12th Grade
Brandon Cassady
Peyton Counts
Jeffery Dotson
Kambry Edwards
Karsyn Edwards
Beth Hardwick
Citalee Higgins
Mikayla Linkous
10th Grade
Zach Christine
Preston Perkins
9th Grade
Magi Hallabrin
Abby Hardwick
Jaelynn Ireland
Morgan Powell
Principal Awards
12th Grade
Zach Coffman
11th Grade
Cat Potter
10th Grade
Aiden Reitmire
9th Grade
Madison Zyvonoski
Outstanding Senior Male: Bryce Moodispaugh
Outstanding Senior Female: Citalee higgins