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On Wednesday, June 1, the Middle School held their Academic Awards ceremony in the HS/MS Auditorium.  The following students received awards:

5th Grade

Mrs. McChesney - ELA

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Ellie Brandum and Adria Bishop

Core 2: Blake Cronin, Isabella Franks, and Brandon Patterson    

Core 3: Zane Foor, Dawson Kovacs, Connor Robinson, and Kailie Townsend 

Core 4: Jaysah McNicols, Evelynn Nuemann, and Nevaeh Higgins 

Above and Beyond: Preston Brandum, Elijah Franks, Wyatt Frazier, and Aiden Sanders

Most Improved: Isabella Franks, Bristal Ketchum, Hunter Johnson, and Dawson Kovacs


Mrs. Bonnette - Social Studies

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Dillion Donkin, Nevaeh Higgins, Jaysah McNichols, and Connor Robinson

Core 2: Wyatt Frazier, Dawson Kovacs, Kailie Townsend, Matthias Wilson, and Olivia Frank

Core 3: Adria Bishop, Landin Holt, Josie Hough-Shearrow, Annabelle Lackey, Lana Littlemeyer, and Ellie Brandum

Core 4: Blake Cronin, Olivia Hartley, Brandon Patterson, and Mackenzie White

Above and Beyond: Natalie Wallace, Maddie Miller, Preston Brandum, and Bella Franks

Most Improved: Aiden Sanders, Maddie Miller, Rikki Harris, and Elijah Franks


Mrs. Fraker - Math

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Isabella Franks, Lana Littlemeyer, and Brandon Patterson

Core 2: Ellie Brandum, Preston Brandum, Josie Hough, Annabelle Lackey, Aiden McKenzie, Kaiden Reed, and Mickenzie White

Core 3: Navaeh Higgins, Jaysah McNichols, Evelynn Neumann, and Aiden Sanders

Core 4: Dillion Donkin, Wyatt Frazier, Bristal Ketcham, Dawson Kovacs, Connor Robinson, Kailie Townsend, and Matthias Wilson

Above and Beyond: Josie Hough

Most Improved: Hunter Young-Jarrett


Mrs. Haldeman - Science

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Olivia Frank, Bristal Ketcham, Dawson Kovacs, Evelynn Neumann, Kailie Townsend, and Matthias Wilson

Core 2: Zane Foor, Nevaeh Higgins, and Jaysah McNichols

Core 3: Blake Cronin, Earl Eckleberry, Isabella Franks, Olivia Hartley, Brandon Patterson, Kaiden Reed, and Mickenzie White

Core 4: Ellie Brandum, Landin Holt, Josephyne Hough- Shearrow, Annabelle Lackey, Lana Littlemeyer, Aiden McKenzie, Kalef Spencer, and Logan Wires

Above and Beyond: Hunter Young-Jarrett, Hunter Johnson, Bryleigh Sherman, Preston Brandon, and Adria Bishop

Most Improved: Bryson Lemos, Charlotte Westbrook, Leonna Gewitsch, and Bentley Manley


Mrs. Hahlen - IS

Most Improved Math: Gabriella Matlak

Most Improved ELA: Leonna Gewitsch

Most Improved Writing: Isabella Franks

Most Improved Overall: Hunter Johnson

Mrs. Poppen - Art
Art Awards: Ellie Brandum, Blake Cronin, Olivia Frank, Isabella Franks, Wyatt Frazier, Josie Hough, Aiden McKenzie, Ryker Simpson, and Kallie Townsend
Most Improved: Vanessa Hammons, Dawson Kovacs, Makenna Wilson
Above and Beyond: Landin Holt, Kadence Farmer, and Finn Schuman
Mr. Nichols- PE
PE Awards: Logan Wires, Tanndon Andrick, Hunter Johnson, Finn Schuman, Dillon Donkin, Jaysah McNichols, Dawson Kovacs, and Bentley Manley
Above and Beyond: Kaiden Reed and Aiden McKenzie
Most Improved: Kadence Farmer, Bryson Lemos, Maddie Cooper, Olivia Frank, Charlotte Becker, Johnathon Beaver, Evelynn Neumann, Zane Foor, and Kailie Townsend
Mr. Neff - Music
Music Awards: Dillion Donkin, Blake Cronin, Eli Damron, Zane Foor, Elijah Franks, Rikki Harris, Olivia Frank, Neveah Higgins, Annabelle Lackey, Dawson Kovacs, Brandon Patterson, Landin Holt, Jaysah McNichols, Kaiden Reed, Aiden McKensie, Kalie Townsend, Christopher Valentine, Natalie Wallace, and Kalef Spencer
Above and Beyond: Dillion Donkin, Neveah Higgins, and Annabelle Lackey
Most Improved: Aiden Sanders, Linda (Maddie) Cooper, and Rikki Harris
Mrs. Webb - IS
Ray of Sunshine Award: James Evans
Miss Giggles Award: Faith Gewitsch
Reading and Math Perseverance Award: Ty Tresh
Reading and Math Perseverance Award: Haley Price
Mrs. Williams - Library
Library Awards: Faith Gewitsch, Ty Tresh, and Haley Price


Mr. Petit - Middle School Principal

Principal Awards

Girl: Isabella Franks

Boy: Aiden Sanders


6th Grade

Mr. Billotte - Social Studies

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Ky Barlow, Lucas Brook, Cadence Fleming, Madison Garrabrant, Keegan Lawler, Sydney Meade, Jaxon Ongalibang, Cohen Rammelsberg, Cameron Romine, Madison Toombs, and Blake Wise

Core 2: Charles Bagwell, Lydia Levering, and Wyatt Rucker

Core 3: Brayden Alwood, Riley Bierl, Josh Goers, Garrett Heacock, Mason Newsome, Jayden Simon, and Jesse West

Core 4: Ava Blaszyk, Lexi Carpenter, Scarlett Davis, Kaden Higgins, Victoria Kovacs, Natalie Ocampo, Chessa Redman, Alayna Seavolt, and Kaylee Teets

Above and Beyond Awards: Madison Garrabrant, Natalee Foltz, Jayden Simon, and Natalie Ocampo

Most Improved: Blake Wise, Mason Wilt, Logan Elverson, and Caprica Drum


Mrs. Harvey - Science

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Charles Bagwell, Tyler Bennett, Bailey Crone, Cohen Emmons, Natalee Foltz, William Holcomb, Madison Lauthers, Lydia Levering, Gabe Parsons, Ava Rizo, Wyatt Rucker, Eleanor Sherman, and Mason Wilt

Core 2: Kaylynne Barlow, Journey Belt, Lucas Brook, Cadence Fleming, Madison Garrabrant, Aiden Kirk, Keegan Lawler, Sydney Meade, Jennifer Martin, Connor McClanahan, Jaxon Ongalibang, Cohen Rammelsberg, Cameron Romine, Madison Toombs, Kierra Wilson, and Blake Wise

Core 3: Arnold Scarlett, Ava Blaszyk, Lexie Carpenter, Scarlett  Davis, Caprica Drum, Rylan Fiant, Kaden Higgins, Victoria Kovacs, Jacob McNichols, Natalie Ocampo, Chessa Redman, Alayna Seavolt, and Kaylee Teets

Core 4: Brayden Alwood, Riley Bierl, Damon Boggs, Bristal Cain, Logan Elverson, Jaydan Fair, Joshua Goers, Candace Grimm, Garrett Heacock, Carson Hilton, Sofia Juarez-Poppell, Mason Newsome, Tyler Parsons, Haley Price, Jayden Simon, and NJ Wallace

Above and Beyond Awards: Natalee Foltz, Madison Garrabrant, Lexie Carpenter, Bristal Cain, William Holcomb, Connor McClanahan,       Jacob McNichols, and Tyler Parsons

Most Improved: Tyler Bennett, Lucas Brooks, Caprica Drum, and Makenna Bigler


Mr. Smith - Math

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Ava Blaszyk, Scarlett Davis, Rylan Fiant, Garrett Heacock, Landin Holt, Natalie Ocampo, Jayden Simon, and Kaylee Teets

Core 2: Brayden Alwood, Victoria Kovacs, Jacob McNichols, Mason Newsome, Chessa Redman, and Jesse West

Core 3: Kaylynne Barlow,Keegan Lawler, and Lydia Levering

Core 4: Madison Garrabrant, Tyler Kendrick, Jaxon Ongalibang, Madison Toombs, and Blake Wise

Above and Beyond Awards: Damon Boggs, Daylen Grubb, Cameron Romine, and William Holcomb


Mrs. Musselman - ELA

Received at least 3 A's and a B

Core 1: Brayden Alwood, Scarlett Arnold, Kaden Higgins, Victoria Kovacs, Mason Newsome, Chessa Redman, and Jacob McNichols

Core 2: Ava Blaszyk, Scarlett Davis, Rylan Fiant, Landin Holt, Jayden Simon, Kaylee Teets, Bristal Cain, and Lexi Carpenter

Core 3: Madison Garrabrant, Jaxon Ongalibang, Wyatt Rucker, and Madison Toombs

Core 4: Ky Barlow, Keegan Lawler, Cameron Romine, and Ellie Sherman

Above and Beyond Awards: Scarlett Arnold, Scarlett Davis, Natalee Foltz, and Ky Barlow

Most Improved: Daylen Grubb, Tyler Parsons, Madison Garrabrant, Sydney Meade, Makenna Bigler, Jake Stainer, Journey Belt, and Lleytin Henthorn


Mrs. Lawson - IS and Focus

Most Improved Math: Gabe Parsons

Most Improved ELA: Jesse West

Most Improved Writing: Tyler Bennett

Most Improved Overall: Lydia Levering


Mrs. Smith - IS

Most Improved Math: Sean Yockey

Most Improved ELA: Jordan Robinson

Most Improved Writing: Reagan Lester

Most Improved Overall: Jordan Robinson

Above and Beyond: Sean Yockey


Mrs. Poppen - Art

Art Awards: Kaylynne Barlow, Ava Blaszyk, Emily Carpenter, Jesse West, Charles Bagwell, Lydia Levering, Cameron Romines, Cadence Fleming, Jacob Stainer, Keegan Lawler, and Cohen Rammelsberg
Above and Beyond: Caprica Drum, Rylan Fiant, Madison Garrabrant, Jayden Simon, and Alayna Seavolt
Most Improved: Carson Hilton, Harmonie Zedekar, and Jennifer Martin
Mr. Nichols - PE
PE Awards: Keegan Lawler, Damon Boggs, Brayden Alwood, Jacob Stainer, Jacob McNichols, Journey Belt, Blake Wise, Avery Mowers, Jaxon Ongalibang, Jayden Simon, and Chessa Redman
Above and Beyond: Kaden Higgins, Jesse West, Kaylee Teets, Sydney Meade, and Josh Goers
Most Improved: Cohen Emmons, Scarlett Arnold, Ava Blaszyk, Daylen Grub, Kaylynne Barlow, Garrett Heacock, Logan Elverson, and Victoria Kovacs
Mr. Neff - Music
Music Awards: Scarlett Arnold, Ava Blaszyk, Charles Bagwell, Damon Boggs, Cadence Fleming, Joshua Goers, Logan Elverson, Chessa Redman, Sydney Meade, and Alyna Seavolt
Above and Beyond: Journey Belt, Jaxon Ongalibang, and Victoria Kovacs
Most Improved: Jacob McNichols, Natalee Foltz, and Harmonie Zedekar
Mr. Neff - 5th and 6th Grade Band
Band Awards: Harmonie Zedekar, Nevaeh Higgins, Jesse West, Jaysah McNichols, Zane Foor, Journey Belt, Aiden McKenzie, Victoria Kovacs, Evelynn Neumann, Sydney Meade, Kalef Spencer, Alayna Seavolt, Cohen Rammelsberg, Cadence Fleming, Jayden Simon, Damon Boggs, Dillion Donkin, and Olivia Frank
Above and Beyond: Landin Holt, Jaxon Ongalibang, Ava Blaszyk, and Chessa Redman
Most Improved: Logan Elverson, Kailie Townsend, and Garret Heacock


Mr. Petit - Middle School Principal

Principal Awards

Girls - Madison Garrabrant

Boys - Josh Goers


7th Grade 

Mrs. Kill - Science

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Lundyn Blevins, Kaylee Casteel, Dylan Compton, Celia Hall, Alaina Jones, Blake Ludwig, Hunter Marteney, and Riley Patterson

Core 2: Kevin Brown, Sarah Greenawalt, Alexis Longsdorf, and Kayden Wells

Core 3: Jacob Adams

Core 4: Carter Sherman and Jacob Webb

Outstanding Science Award: Dylan Compton

Most Improved: Gavin Watkins


Mr. Crim - Math

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Brady Dunlap and Jacob Webb

Core 2: Jacob Adams and Jonah Purtell

Core 3: Lundyn Blevins, Kaylee Casteel, Dylan Compton, Steven Damron, Sarah Greenwalt, Celia Hall, Alexis Longdorf, Riley Patterson, and Kayden Wells

Core 4: Gabriella Braddock and Alaina Jones

Above and Beyond: Brady Dunlap, Gabby Ratliff, Riley Patterson, Alaina Jones, and Sarah Greenwalt

Most Improved: James Blevins, Sylar Engle, Alyssa Cox, and Morgan Galilei


Mrs. Angie Adams - Social Studies

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Silas Beal, Kevin Brown, James Fiant, Morgan Galilei, Sarah Greenawalt, Alexis Longsdorf, Sophia Reitmire, Fisher Schuman, and Kayden Wells

Core 2: Lundyn Blevins, Gabriella Braddock, Kaylee Casteel, Dylan Compton, Steven Damron, Celia Hall, Alaina Jones, Makenzie Keifer, Hunter Marteney, Riley Patterson, Aliya Ramoneda, and Gavin Watkins

Core 3: James Blevins, Brayden Dunlap, Rylee Jones, Dezzaray Mooney, Gabriella Ratliff, Carter Sherman, and Jacob Webb

Core 4: Jacob Adams, Kayden Bailey, Sylar Engle, Mercedes Garrabrant, and Tyreece Tresh

Above and Beyond: Sarah Greenawalt and Sarah Greenawalt

Most Improved: Alex Gray and Deanna Cockrell


Mr. Sanchez - ELA

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Jake Adams, Rylee Jones, and Jonah Purtell

Core 2: Kayden Bailey and Nakyah Biggs

Core 3: Gabby Braddock, Morgan Galilei, Alaina Jones, Makenzie Keifer, Hunter Marteney, and Fisher Schuman

Core 4: Lundyn Blevins, Dylan Compton, Sarah Greenawalt, Celia Hall, Alexis Longsdorf, Riley Patterson, and Gavin Watkins

Above and Beyond: Jake Adams, Gabby Braddock, Riley Patterson, Rylee Jones, and Morgan Galilei  

Most Improved: Silas Beal


Mrs. Smith - IS

Most Improved Math: Jake Adams

Most Improved ELA: Caleb Reynolds

Most Improved Writing: Madon Hawthorne

Most Improved Overall: Joe Poppell

Above and Beyond: Sam Fritz


Mrs. Poppen - Art
Art Awards: Lundyn Blevins, James Blevins, Riley Patterson, Jake Adams, Alyssa Cox, Celia Hall, Sarah Greenawalt, Cohen Johnson, and Blake Ludwig
Above and Beyond: Sylar Engle, Riley Babbs, and Casey Jones
Most Improved: James Fiant, Carter Sherman, and Samantha Fritz
Mr. Nichols - PE
PE Awards: Jacob Adams, Steven Damron, Celia Hall, Alexis Longsdorf, Riley Patterson, Joe Poppell, Kaumana Prine, Carter Sherman, Kaden Wells, and Alyssa Cox
Most Improved: Madon Hawthorne, Aliya Ramoneda, and Kaylee Casteel
Mr. Neff - Music
Music Awards: Silas Beall, Sylar Engle, Gabriella Bradock, Troy Bockbrader, Hunter Marteney, Steven Damron, Mercedes Garrabrant, Lundyn Blevins, James Fiant, Celia Hall, Rylee Jones Sarah Greenwalt, Casey Jones, Aliya Ramoneda, Cohen Johnson,
Blake Ludwig, Gavin Watkins, Sophia Reitmire, Caden Wells, Jacob Webb, and Edward Woodard
Above and Beyond: Kevin Brown, Nakyah Biggs, and Alaina Jones
Most Improved: James Blevins, Brady Dunlap, and Riley Babbs


Mr. Petit, Middle School Principal

Principal Awards

Girls: Celia Hall

Boys: Hunter Marteney 


8th Grade

Mrs. McClure - Social Studies

Core 1: Kaelyn Burton, Dallas Christian, and Peyton Springer

Core 2: Kasey Fiant and Kaylee Kendrick

Core 3: Kayden Burchett, Wyatt Denney, Lillian Franks, Angelia Globe, Isabelle Hess, Jyllian Hough, Keely Pearl, and Brayden Rammelsberg

Core 4: Myleigh Bishop, Issac Broome, Madison Dornan, Megan Gardner, Jonus Hough, Hailey Littlemeyer, Cailynn Robinson, and Danny Townsend

Above and Beyond: Skyler Persinger

Most Improved: Gabby Coffman


Mrs. Holloway - ELA 

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: No award given

Core 2: Myleigh Bishop, Kayden Burchett, Wyatt Denney, Madison Dornon, Brandon Elliott, Angelia Globe, Isabelle Hess, Jonus Hough, Jyllian Hough, Hailey Littlemeyer, Keely Pearl, Danny Townsend, and Ashlyn Troyer

Core 3: No award given

Core 4: Jason Bigler

Above and Beyond: Sophia Moloney

Most Improved: Thorton Kovacs


Mr. Mories - Math

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Danny Townsend, Myleigh Bishop, Wyatt Denney, Keely Pearl, and Angelia Globe

Core 2: Miranda Kintz, Evan Marquis, Rayna Heacock, Cailynn Robinson, and Anthony Bump

Core 3: Jason Bigler, Ava Davis, Marlee Watson, Kasey Fiant, and Abby Yockey

Core 4: Peyton Springer, Riley Houck, Dallas Christian, Emma Davis, and Landon Levering

Above and Beyond: Sophia Moloney

Most Improved: Alexa Webb and Christopher Kinsey


Mr. Wolford - Science

Received at least 3 A's and a B.

Core 1: Kasey Fiant

Core 2: Dallas Christian

Core 3: Myleigh Bishop, Issac Broome, Madison Dornan, Megan Gardner, Jonus Hough, Miranda Kintz, Hailey Littlemeyer, Cailynn Robinson, and Danny Townsend

Core 4: Kayden Burchette, Wyatt Denney, Brandon Elliott, Angelia Globe, Isabelle Hess, Jyllian Hough, Keely Pearl, and Ashlyn Troyer

Above and Beyond: Gabriela Coffman

Most Improved: Danny Townsend


Mrs. Jodi Adams - IS

Most Improved Math: Timothy Cox and Ricky Morgan

Most Improved ELA: Kasey Fiant and Wyatt Watts

Most Improved Writing: Brandon Marcum and Christopher Jones

Most Improved Overall: Xander Walters, Micah Lily, and Trista Cramblitt

Above and Beyond: Lillian Franks, Skyler Persinger, and David Sexton


Mrs. Poppen - Art
Art Awards: Ashlynn Troyer, Gabriela Coffman, Olivia Elverson, Kaelyn Burton, Layla Bronson, Megan Gardner, Alivia Guadarrama, Madison Dornon, Jyllian Hough, Isabelle Hess, Jonus Hough, Kadence Ralston, Angelia Globe, Brandon Elliot, Hailey Littlemeyer, Haylee Stainer, Sophia Moloney, and Myleigh Bishop
Above and Beyond: Emily Adkins, Landon Levering, Jason Bigler, David Sexton, and Peyton Springer
Most Improved: Kasey Fiant, Jessi Dougherty, Kaylee Kendrick, and Emma Davis
Mr. Nichols - PE
PE Awards: Issac Broome, Hailey Littlemeyer, Devin Cimino, Riley Pickens, Carter Dudgeon, Ricky Richardson, Sophia Moloney, Anthony Bump, Wyatt Denney, and Madison Dornon
Most Improved: Dallas Christian, Brayden Rammelsberg, Kasey Fiant, and Danny Townsend
Mr. Neff - Music
Music Awards: Myleigh Bishop, Madison Dormon, Adysen Briggs, Layla Bronson, Megan Gardner, Holden Martin, Kayden Burchett, Angelia (Kai) Globe, Jonus Hough, Keely Pearl, Kaelyn Burton, Micah Lilly, Toni Withem, Riley Pickens, Lillian Franks, and Brandon Marcum
Above and Beyond: Sophia Moloney, Ashlyn Troyer, Kasey Fiant, and Annalisa Mowers
Most Improved: Jade (Jason) Bigler, Brieanna Parsons, Thorton Kovacs, and Evan Marquis
Mrs. Betti - Life Skills
Life Skills Awards: Isabelle Hess, Jade Bigler, Myleigh Bishop, Brandon Elliott, Sophia Moloney, Layla Bronson, Madison Dornon, Kaelyn Burton, Meagan Gardner, Payton Springer, JyllianHough, Angelia Globe, Abigail Yockey, Miranda Kintz, Josephine Shonk, Adison Briggs, Kasey Fiant, and Cailynn Robinson
Above and Beyond: Brandon Marcum, Jordan Fair, Ashlyn Troyer, and Jonus Hough
Most Improved: Skyler Persinger, David Sexton, Devin Cimino, and Riley Ryan


Mr. Petit - Middle School Principal

Principal Awards

Girls: Madison Dornon

Boys: Dallas Christian 

Honor Roll Awards (All A's)
8th Grade: Madison Dornon, Megan Garner, Angelia Globe, Isabelle Hess, Jonus Hough, and Hailey Littlemeyer
7th Grade: Lundyn Blevins, Dylan Compton, Celia Hall, Alexis Longsdorf, and Riley Patterson
6th Grade: Kaylynne Barlow, Ava Blaszyk, and Kaylee Teets
5th Grade: Ellie Brandum
Honor Roll Awards
8th Grade: Myleigh Bishop, Issac Broome, Kayden Burchett, Kaelyn Burton, Dallas Christian, Wyatt Denney, Brandon Elliott, Kasey Fiant, Lillian Franks, Jyllian Hough, Kaylee Kendrick, Miranda Kintz, Keely Pearl, Cailynn Robinson, Reilly Ryan, Peyton Springer, Haylee Stainer, and Danny Townsend
7th Grade: Jacob Adams, Gabriella Braddock, Kevin Brown, Kaylee Casteel, James Evans, Morgan Galilei, Alaina Jones, Hunter Marteney, Carter Sherman, Gavin Watkins, Jacob Webb, and Kayden Wells
6th Grade: Brayden Alwood, Riley Bier, Lucas Brook, Bristal Cain, Emily Carpenter, Scarlett Davis, Rylan Fiant, Cadence Fleming, Madison Garrabrant, Joshua Goers, Garrett Heacock, Kaden Higgins, Keegan Lawler, Lydia Levering, Sydney Meade, Mason Newsome, Natalie Ocampo, Cohen Rammelsberg, Chessa Redman, Cameron Romine, Wyatt Rucker, Alayna Seavolt, Eleanor Sherman, Jayden Simon, Madison Toombs, Blake Wise, and Jesse West
5th Grade: Preston Brandum, Blake Cronin, Isabella Franks, Wyatt Frazier, Olivia Hartley, Nevaeh Higgins, Landin Holt, Josephyne Hough-Shearrow, Dawson Kovacs, Annabelle Lackey, Lana Littlemeyer, Aiden McKenzie, Jaysah McNichols, Evelynn Neumann, Brandon Patterson, Kaiden Reed, Connor Robinson, Kailie Townsend, and Mickenzie White
Merit Roll Awards
8th Grade: Jade Bigler, Ava Davis, Emma Davis, Bryce Hartley, Rayna Heacock, Landon Levering, Micah Lilly, Holden Martin, Sophia Moloney, Ricky Morgan, Logan Morrow, Skyler Persinger, Riley Pickens, Kadence Ralston, Brayden Rammelsberg, Josephine Shonk, Ashlyn Troyer, Alexa Webb, Abigail Yockey, and Logan Young-Jarrett
7th Grade: Silas Beall, Nakyah Biggs, Steven Damron, Brayden Dunlap, Marcedes Garrabrant, Rylee Jones, Aliya Ramoneda, and Tyreece Tresh
6th Grade: Charles Bagwell, Journey Belts, Damom Boggs, Natalee Foltz, Jennifer Martin, and Haley Price
5th Grade: Adria Bishop, Dillion Donkin, Zane Foor, Hunter Johnson, Bristal Ketcham, Madaline Miller, Aiden Sanders, and Natalie Wallace


Congratulations to all the award winners!!!!