Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jon Mason

Mr. Mason is a fixture among school treasurers, having served in that capacity for over 21 years.  Jon began at Highland Local Schools his alma mater and continues his duties there.  In 2015, Cardington-Lincoln and Highland Schools formed a partnership to share Treasurer services, mutually benefitting both districts and Jon has played a vital role in creating financial stability for Cardington-Lincoln.  Along with his fiscal duties, Jon serves on the Morrow County Hospital Board.

Mr. Mason earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and Accounting from The Ohio State University. He has extensive experience in the private sector, serving as Vice President of Finance for Fishburn Services Inc and Loan Office and Branch Manager for Ag Credit ACA. Mr. Mason is a General Partner in the family dairy operation, Mason Farms Ltd.



    A. LEADERSHIP: An effective treasurer, in collaboration with the district superintendent and the board of education, develops, implements and monitors policies and procedures based on sound fiscal practices and the analysis of financial resources that support the district’s strategic plan for achieving its goals. The treasurer is an integral member of the district leadership team and strives to maintain an effective working relationship with the superintendent and the board of education.

    B. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: The school treasurer demonstrates a clear understanding of financial resources and manages those resources in collaboration with the board of education and district leadership.

    C. FACILITIES, PROPERTY AND CAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT: The school treasurer provides fiscal leadership in the management of capital assets and support services.

    D. COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION: The school treasurer communicates and collaborates effectively with the board of education, district leadership and stakeholders.

    E. PROFESSIONALISM: The school treasurer is committed to a high level of professionalism in their conduct and adheres to established ethical standards.