• LPDC and Individual Professional Development Plan

    The following document is designed to assist you with navigating the revised professional development process for the 2023-2024 school year. 


    Here is the link to the new Individual Professional Development Plan: 



    Effective October 1, 2021, the district has transitioned to a new Individual Professional Development Planning Tool.


    The purpose of the new planning tool is to create a confluence of the guiding principles of professional development in our district:

    1. District and Building Level School Improvement Goals
    2. ODE Standards for High Quality Professional Development
    3. Ohio Educator Standards through the lens of the OTES 2.0 rubric


    2023-2024 Local Professional Development Committee Members

    Danielle Castillo, Chair, HS

    Kim Harvey, Middle School

    Diane Tucker, Elementary

    Kathy Gardner, Elementary

    Eric Pettit, MIddle School Principal

    Steve Mazzi, Interim Superintendent

    Universally approved coursework and hours:

    • All Public School Works hours may be used for renewal. However, courses that repeat every year may only be used once during the five-year renewal cycle.
    • Opening Day Inservice will count 6 (six) hours toward contact hours.
    • Gifted PD will count toward contact hours.
    • Orton-Gillingham training will count toward contact hours.


    License Renewal Basics

    Teachers and Administrators must renew professional credentials every five years. This does not apply to educators that are completing RESA. Teachers who hold multiple credentials may align those credentials for an additional $20 per area.  Alignment of a license does not permit the certified staff from extending the 5 year renewal period of their first license.  For example, if your 4-9 Math License is set to expire in 2024 and you obtain a five-year administrator license in 2022, you can align the two so that both may be renewed in 2024 instead of renewing both in 2027.


    Each District has a Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) made up of both administrators and teachers who have the responsibility of approving both Individual Professional Development Plans and subsequent coursework for license renewal. The committee is scheduled to meet on the first Monday of each month at 3:35 pm in the High School Conference Room or Library.  Each building has at least one representative on the committee.


    The minimum requirements for renewal in Ohio are 6 (six) semester hours over the five-year license period.  Staff may also use a combination of graduate level semester hours, CEU’s, and contact hours.  1 semester hour is the equivalent of 3 (three) CEU’s, which is also the equivalent of 30 (thirty).

    Staff members wishing to renew must seek plan approval from the LPDC prior to taking coursework when possible to ensure that courses are not rejected.


    Educators should start the process in year 1 or 2 of their current professional license.


    Coursework used for renewal must be from the time period of the current license. For example, if your license is good from July 1 of 2021 through June 30, 2026, all course work must be from that time period.  Courses completed prior to July 1, 2021 may not be accepted. 


    Courses submitted to the LPDC should align with the staff member’s approved plan.


    The LPDC is not responsible for verifying change of column for salary when coursework is submitted. Staff members who wish to “move columns” through additional coursework must submit transcripts to the Treasurer prior to September 14th in order to be considered for additional compensation.  Transcript copies can be shared between the LPDC and the Treasurer’s Office.  It is the responsibility of the staff member wishing to move columns to fill out the appropriate form.  VERIFICATION FORM SEMESTER HOURS - Google Docs.pdf


    Failure to renew on or before your renewal data will require certified staff to complete an additional 3 semester hours of coursework.


    Failure to hold the appropriate license for your teacher assignment may result in involuntary transfer or termination of contract.