• Learning best occurs when students and staff feel safe in the school environment.

    We are fortunate to have a great relationship with first responders in our community that include the Cardington Police Department, the Cardington Fire Department and the Morrow County Sheriff's Department. We work closely with them in creating a safety plan we verify and update with the State each year.

    To keep students and staff safe, we look to make improvements each year through feedback from our school community. In the last several years, our recent safety improvements include  replacing video surveillance equipment in our 5-12 building, the installation of cameras on our buses, replacing door-locking mechanisms on classroom doors and the development of School Threat Assessment Teams. We currently have a School Resource Officers assigned to our schools.

    Staff are also encouraged to initiate a "friendly challenge" to question those who are near our schools without obvious purpose.  In school training for both students and staff encourages the "see something, say something" approach.

    Through our partnership with the Delaware Morrow Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, we are able to welcome in student mental health personnel this school year through Syntero.