• Original Birth Certificate
    Proof of Residency (one item from the following list for both in-district and open enrollment)

    • Rental Agreement signed by lessor and lessee with lessor contact information
    • Purchase agreement signed by all parties including closing date
    • Construction contract signed by all parties
    • Homeowner Mortage Statement
    • Homeowner Deed
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Most recent paystub with address
    • Recent utility bill (Electric, Water, Gas, Cable)
    • Most recent bank statement

    Custody Documentation (if applicable)

    • Current Documentation of Custody (if applicable). In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3313.67.2 and the Missing Children’s Act, the parent/guardian must provide a certified copy of the divorce decree and parenting plan allocating parental rights and responsibilities and/or other documents allocating custody or guardianship.

    Photo ID of Custodial Parent/Guardian
    Immunization Records
    IEP or 504 (not required, but helpful)